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Optical Transceiver Manufacturer

Optical transceivers have a variety of specifications, such as QSFP28, QSFP+, SFP+, SFP, SFF, and XFP transceivers and video modules. Regarding different specifications, we can provide transceivers from SFP to QSFP28.

Optical module refers to a typical hot-swappable optical transceiver for high-bandwidth data communication applications. The optical module usually has an electrical interface on the side that is connected to the inside of the system, and an optical interface on the side that is connected to the outside world through an optical cable. The form factor and electrical interface are usually specified by interested parties using a multi-source agreement (MSA).

The optical module can be inserted into the front panel socket or the onboard socket. Sometimes, the optical module is replaced by an electrical interface module, which realizes an active or passive electrical connection with the outside world. A large industry supports the manufacture and use of optical modules.

Optical Transceiver Manufacturer

As the world's leading provider of advanced technology solutions for communications and data connections, we accept the need for agility. In a rapidly developing industry, quick response is a matter of course, and predicting what will happen is one of our greatest strengths. Through lean management, manufacturing and our Source Lean Quality (SLQ) system, we run our world-class operations with the highest efficiency, identify and eliminate waste in our processes, and create more value for our customers.

Our technical expertise in R&D and manufacturing process development expertise and a highly specialized global engineering team experts in optoelectronic equipment, optical components and module design has deep roots.

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