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EDFA Price

Key Features

EDFA Gain Range 1535nm ~ 1565nm Gain Range; PM Fiber

User Adjustable Output Power

User Control of Current Level to Internal 976nm Pump Laser Diodes

Manufactured by Amonics for Laser Lab Source


Output Power Range: Adjustable up to 1 W (+30 dBm) @1mW laser input power

Operational Gain Wavelength Range: 1535nm - 1565nm

Acceptable Input Laser Source Power Range: -6 dBm to +3 dBm

Input Isolation: > 30 dB

Output Isolation: > 30 dB

Noise Figure: 6.0 dB (at 0 dBm Input)

Standard User Control Mode 1: ACC (user adjustable pump current levels)

Optional User Control Mode 2: APC (optical output power feedback; optional)

Polarization Extinction Ratio: > 20 dB, 23 dB typical

Power Adjustment Step Size: 0.01 dBm

Gain Medium: Erbium Doped Fiber

Fiber: PM 1550nm Panda Fiber

Loss of Input Signal Shut-Down Protection Circuit

TEC / Temperature Control Limit Pump Laser Overheat Warning Protection

Rear Panel Safety Interlock Protection

Acceptable Input Laser Source Power Range: -6 dBm to +6 dBm


Alphanumeric Color Front Panel Interface w/ Adjust Knob

Remote: RS232, LabView Control Software Included

Remote: RJ-45 (TCP/IP Ethernet optional)

Optical Connectors IN/OUT: FC/APC

Optical Fiber Options: PM fiber, (SMF-28 optional)


Operation Temperature: 0 to 40 ℃

Required Shore Power: 90-240 (VAC), 47-63 Hz

Dimensions: 260mm x 330mm x 120mm

Power Monitoring: Output Power (Input Power Optional)

Remote Control RS2323 Port: DB-9 female

TCPIP/Ethernet optional

Protection: Pump Lasers (TEC) Over-Temperature

Protection: Pump Lasers Current Limit

Optical Fiber: PMF Panda 1550nm PM Fiber

Connectors: APC (Others Available on Request)

Safety Control 1: Key-Lock Switch

Safety Control 2: BNC Interlock

Safety Control 3 (10 Watt): e-Stop

Safety Control 4: Loss of Input Power Detection and Pump Shut Down


Laboratory R&D


Optical Communications

Fiber Optic Sensing

CATV and Telecommunications R&D

EDFA Price

High Power EDFA Overview:

These high-power EDFA instruments are 1550nm range C-band erbium (1W) doped fiber amplifiers which offer up to 1 Watt of output power. They are simple to operate, affordable benchtop instruments for laboratory research or manufacturing test applications. These units provide full control over the power and gain through user control of the internal 976nm pump laser diode current levels, or by setting the instrument into gain feedback or power feedback mode. The default / standard product offering comes with ACC mode, and APC mode can be ordered as an option. ACC mode is "current control" to the pump lasers. APC mode allows the user to set a target output power and the instrument will automatically adjust the current level to the pump lasers.

Flexible User Interface Options:

The user can adjust EDFA settings through an easy-to-use front panel with an intuitive menu and control knob. Settings can also be made by the remote interface. These units come with RS232 in the standard product offering, and an ethernet interface can be ordered as an option. LabVIEW-based control software is available and ships free of charge. Please contact us if you would like to view the Operating Manual or see the remote interface command set.

Extensive Integrated Amplifier Protection Features:

These high power EDFA's offer an extensive array of protection features. Integrated protection features are designed to protect the amplifier from user induced damage as well as protect the user from harm. They offer an input laser power detection circuit that automatically shuts down the current to the internal 976nm laser diode pumps. They also offer current and voltage limits for the pump lasers as well as (TEC) over-temperature shut-down. Both of these functions protect the internal pump sources. The chassis is equipped with a BNC interlock to allow the user to set conditional shut-down conditions for the amplifier.

EDFA Utilizes Telcordia Qualified High Reliability Components:

These EDFA's utilize high power and high reliability Telcordia qualified 976nm pump lasers as well as Telcordia qualified combiners. The principle of operation is the laser light from the pump wavelengths and power level excites the erbium and/or ytterbium ions embedded in the fiber from their ground state to achieve the resultant high excitation levels and the commensurate high gain levels of up to 30 dB. Because they are polarization maintaining amplifiers, they amplify the light polarized along the slow axis of the fiber. Each high power EDFA unit has integrated isolators for the input and the output. Careful attention to component selection and circuit board design allows these 1550nm range EDFA's to produce high gain at a low noise level. Noise levels of < 5 dB with a very flat gain profile over the C-Band make these instruments ideal for many applications.

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