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Multi-channel Erbium doped fiber amplifier


The product is multi-channel EDFA of high flattening and high stable output.  The kernel component of the product is high availability pump laser and high-performance gain flattening filters. The product has high stable output, high gain flatness and high reliability by using unique APC (automatic power control) and ATC (automatic temperature control). The system’s flatness and noise can achieve the best optimization by the gain flattening filters of professional design.

Product description


C-band 40/80CH DWDM

Other optical systems

Product features

Low-noise high flatness design

Adjustable output power

High precision ATC keep system stableoperation

Precision AGC / APC circuit keeps the output 

Power stability

Card design highly integrated, space-saving cabinet

Expansion is very convenient

Strict accordance with Bellcore GR-1312-CORE 

requirement for design

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