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25Gb SFP28 DWDM 20km Transceiver


Hilink SFP28 transceiver is designed for use in 25-Gigabit Ethernet links up to 20km over single mode fiber. The module consists of DWDM EML Laser, PIN and Preamplifier in a high-integrated optical sub-assembly. Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in SFF-8472.This module is designed for single mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 100GHz ITU Grid, C Band DWDM wavelength.

Product description

The module optical connection is duplex LC and shall be compatible with SFP+ 28Gbps and backward compatible with legacy 10G SFP+ pluggable. The SFP28 DWDM LR module is a dual directional device with a transmitter and receiver plus a control management interface (2-wire interface) in the same physical package. 2-wire interface is used for serial ID, digital diagnostics and module control function.


Up to 25.78Gb/s data links

DWDM EML transmitter and PIN receiver

 100GHz ITU channel spacing with integrated wavelength locker

Up to 20km on 9/125um SMF

Hot-pluggable SFP28 footprint

Support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring interface

Duplex LC/UPC type pluggable optical interface

RoHS compliant and lead-free

With CDR function

Single +3.3V power supply

Compliant with SFF+MSA and SFF-8472

Metal enclosure, for lower EMI

Meet ESD requirements, resist 8KV direct contact voltage

Case operating temperature

Commercial: 0 ~ +70oC

Extended: -10 ~ +80oC