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40G 30km QSFP+


The Hilink QSFP-40G-ER4 is by 4 CWDM channels 1271, 1291,1311 and 1331 nm, Up to 30km transmission

Product description


QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus) is a type of transceiver that is used for transmitting and receiving data over fiber optic cables. It is a compact and high-density module that is used in a variety of networking and communications applications.

A 40G QSFP+ transceiver is capable of transmitting data at a rate of 40 Gbps (gigabits per second). It is typically used in high-speed networking applications, such as data centers and backbone networks.

The distance rating of a QSFP+ transceiver, such as "30KM," refers to the maximum distance that the transceiver is able to transmit data over a fiber optic cable. In this case, a 40G QSFP+ transceiver with a distance rating of 30 km is capable of transmitting data over a distance of up to 30 kilometers (approximately 18 miles).

40G QSFP+ transceivers are an important component of modern networking and communications systems, as they allow for the transmission of high-speed data over long distances using fiber optic cables.


4 CWDM channels are 1271, 1291,1311 and 1331 nm

Single +3.3V power supply

QSFP+ MSA compliant

Up to 30km transmission

Operating case temperature: 0~70C

Maximum 3.5W operation power

RoHS compliant

Compliant with IEEE802.3ba

Compliant with QSFP+ MSA: SFF-8436


40G Ethernet

Infiniband 4X SDR DDR QDR

40G Telecom connections

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