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Breakout 100G QSFP28 to 4SFP28 DAC Cable


The 100G QSFP28 DAC cable assemblies are high performance, cost effective I/O solutions for LAN, HPC and SAN. The high speed cable assemblies meet and exceed 100 Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand EDR and temperature requirements for performance and reliability.

Product description

1. Compatible with IEEE 802.3bj, IEEE 802.3by and InfiniBand EDR
2. Supports aggregate data rates of 100Gbps
3. Optimized construction to minimize insertion loss and cross talk
4. Backward compatible with existing QSFP+ connectors and cages
5. Pull-to-release slide latch design
6. 26AWG through 30AWG cable
7. Straight and break out assembly configurations available
8. Customized cable braid termination limits EMI radiation
9. Customizable EEPROM mapping for cable signature
10. RoHS compliant


100G Ethernet

Switch to Switch

QSFP+ 100G to 4 x SFP+ (25G) 1M30AWG
QSFP+ 100G to 4 x SFP+ (25G) 2M30AWG
QSFP+ 100G to 4 x SFP+ (25G) 3M26AWG
QSFP+ 100G to 4 x SFP+ (25G) 5M26AWG
QSFP28 to QSFP28    1M 100G30AWG
QSFP28 to QSFP28    2M30AWG
QSFP28 to QSFP28    3M26AWG
QSFP28 to QSFP28    5M 100G26AWG
SFP28 TO SFP28 1M 25G30AWG
SFP28 TO SFP28 2M 25G30AWG

•ESD to the Electrical PINs: compa ble with MIL-STD-883E Method 3015.7

•RF Immunity comliant with IEC 61000-4-3

•EMI compliant with FCC Part 15 Class B EN55022 Class B

•RoHS compliant with 2002/95/EC 4.1&4.2 2005/747/EC

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