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Three Misunderstandings in Optical Transceiver Procurement

Aug. 17, 2020

At present, there are many types of front optical transceivers, but the quality is uneven. The engineering company had many difficulties when purchasing optical transceivers. So how to choose a high-quality optical transceiver? The stability of the video optical transceiver, the convenience of operation, and the practicability of functions are the important factors and core criteria for choosing the terminal.

Misunderstanding 1: the more expensive the better, or the cheaper the better

Products with high-cost performance are the best products. Expensive products maybe because their output is not high, or the cost of advertising is too high, not necessarily the product value is high. Inexpensive products, it is also possible that optical transceiver manufacturers unilaterally pursue low costs, reduce investment in protection facilities, or choose inferior and second-hand chips. Therefore, the engineering company must seriously make a sincere assessment of the cost-effectiveness of the product.

Optical Transceiver

Misunderstanding 2: The more powerful the function, the better

Many optical transceiver manufacturers advertise how powerful their products are, and one-sidedly exaggerate the functions of the optical transceiver. In fact, the stability and practicality of the optical transceiver are the most important. We recommend shielding the powerful extended functions so that they can only be provided by customers to meet their needs. Some functions that customers don't use are not recommended to customers. This can reduce training costs and maintenance costs, and customers can use them as they please.

Misunderstanding 3: Imported optical transceivers are better than local ones

Imported optical transceivers are good in product stability and practicability. However, the price is high, and due to geographical differences, the timeliness of the service cannot be reached, and the service cost is high. At the same time, due to differences in cultural backgrounds, there are differences between foreign and Chinese national conditions. Many functions are simply not suitable for China's national conditions and engineering needs. Domestic manufacturers engaged in the production of optical transceivers have emerged in large numbers in the past two decades. After so many years of development, many of them have mastered the production technology and R&D capabilities of optical transceivers. In terms of functional stability and practicability, it is comparable to foreign ones, and the price and service quality is much better than foreign ones.

The above information is provided by optical transceiver manufacturers.


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